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Who are the Five people you spend the most time with?

January 23, 2022

Who are the Five people you spend the most time with? They will be the ones who have the most influence over you.

Her response to a betrayal of friendship has probably helped thousands of others to get a better group of friends.

The other day I was listening to a podcast from Simon Sinek where he interviewed Marissa Meizz.

A young man, Drew Harding, happened to be on his lunch break, and while walking through Central Park New York, he overheard two young ladies discussing how they were planning a party but that it had to be on a day when their 'friend' Marissa was not going to be in town.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing, so he posted a video on 'Tic Toc' telling the story and hoping to connect with Marissa to tell her she needed to find a better group of friends.

Who are the Five people you spend the most time with

The video went viral in the quest to find her. Eventually, she saw the video, and Marissa and Drew connected. They are now friends.

The next chapter of the story is incredible. Marrisa didn't turn bitter; instead, she chose to use the fame of this viral internet story to help people who are lonely to connect.

No more lonely friends was created, and they have meetups where people who don't know each other can come and make new friends. Many who come have had moments of being rejected.

Her Instagram page has fifty-one thousand followers.

Have you experienced rejection? Perhaps a betrayal by people who you thought were on your side. Gossip slips around and stabs you in the back. You're alone, deeply alone. You feel abandoned and lost.

No one 'gets you,' and there is no desire for community with your soul.

Its loneliness and rejection and betrayal and loss all rolled up into one big ball of pus.

Do you know what that's like?

Or maybe the relationships you are in aren't a source of encouragement to what matters most to you.

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