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What’s Your Ambient Stress Level?

July 18, 2022

It surrounds us all the time. Ambient stress. We probably aren’t even aware of it, but we can do something about it when we recognize it. 

I have one of my favorite and most cherished items on the wall above my desk. It is a barometer that measures the pressure of the environment around me. To be more precise, it measures air pressure.

I cherish it because it was originally my father’s. So on this old beauty is a little plaque that has these words.

Presented to MR B PEARMAN from Glenbrook Sunday School Pupils & Teachers. 1949

It also has a thermometer to measure the temperature.

I remember my Dad often looking at the barometer to see what was happening in the weather world around him. The little needle would move as the weather, and air pressure changed.

A little move to the right would mean the weather would get drier and less likely to rain. A move to the left would indicate possible rain and storms. All very important to know when you want to decide on whether to shear the sheep or not or cut the hay crop or not.

There is pressure bearing down on us all the time. Air pressure, but we have become so used to it, and the pressure changes are so subtle that we hardly notice it all. With the barometer, first invented in 1643, we know something about the ambient pressure pushing against us.


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