Turning the Page

Thanksgiving Requires Taking Notice. A Bible Story

December 2, 2021

We often miss the obvious, but when we stop and take notice of the changes, we have but one response – thanksgiving.

I noticed something about them. They had changed, and it was for good.

Something deep had happened in them. Instead of being so caught up in the emotional washing machine swirl of life, there was a kind of steadiness to themselves.

Nothing really had changed much in their circumstances. It was still a struggle. They still had moments of crying out to God for relief, but there was definitely something different about them.

Something had changed down deep, and it was growing a rock solidness in them. I noticed it.

There was an invite for thanksgiving.

When I mentioned it to them, they looked kind of puzzled, but they also knew what I was talking about.

They couldn’t describe it that well other than it was like having a deeper confidence in themselves and who they were. It’s the kind of knowing that you only get by going through a storm and coming out the other side.

It’s an internal change that is now unshakeable—a solidness to their soul.

It was the solidness that they could build out from.

In this noticing, I suggested we give thanks.


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