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God is Going against the Grain and it’s Terribly Good

October 7, 2021

There is a grain or a pattern to our thinking that needs to change, but we are stuck, so God gently comes against the grain and changes it from the inside out.

It goes against the grain of self-protection to let someone in, especially when we have been hurt. But God is in the business of woodworking and craft.

I love to look at beautiful timber. A tree has grown, and in the seasons of its life, it experiences the wind and rain, storms and droughts. The impact of these events shape the growth of the tree. Then, we cut the tree down, and before us, we discover patterns never seen before.

Patterns show cellular channels which transport nutrients from the roots to the leaves and back again.

Every piece of timber has a unique and special appearance to its grain. We see the shaping experiences that have gone into the formation of the wood. There is a pattern, a movement, a grain.

Carefully trained eyes can tell the flow of the grain.

There is a little phrase ‘To go against the grain,’ and it means to go against everything you believe to be true.

If you say that an idea or action goes against the grain, you mean that it is very difficult for you to accept it or do it because it conflicts with your previous ideas, beliefs, or principles. Collins Dictionary

This phrase comes from the world of woodworking. A craftsman sees the grain, the flow of the timber, and how it’s been created.


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