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Does God Hate Me Part one

January 6, 2022

Does God Hate me? Is God punishing me? Questions like these need gentle and grace-filled responses, so here are twelve questions that I would like to ask and explore.

Sometimes, when I listen to people, I hear little comments that bring a sense of sadness to my heart. Some firmly held beliefs that over time and repeated often enough create in them mental unwellness.

Phrases such as

‘God is punishing me.’
‘God is angry with me.’
‘God hates me.’

I don’t think I have ever felt that God hates me, but I have wondered, particularly as a child, that my illnesses or problems might be the consequence of something I’ve done. That God is punishing me.

‘You did this, and so here is the punishment or consequence.’
‘Start doing the right things, and then God might be inclined to help you.’

Seems logical.

Isn’t that what typically happens? You do something wrong, and there is a consequence.

We can so easily create a conclusion by how we add up the facts or what we perceive as the facts.

Those conclusions become belief systems through which everything passes. They can become so deeply entrenched that everything flows into them. The brain then wires itself to look for further evidence that our conclusions are correct. We have a negativity bias.

It’s like A+B+C+D+E = God hates me.

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