Turning the Page

Are You Open to Receive?

December 31, 2021

It’s probably easier to give than to receive, but we can’t give what we haven’t already received. How can someone love, when they don’t know what love is? Are you open to receiving love? 

It was awkward. Plain embarrassing. It was so uncomfortable that they wanted to run from this gift-giving.

They had made some foolish mistakes that hurt people very close to them. How could they ever repay? This was the only family they had ever known, and they wanted to have a relationship with them.

For much of their life, they had clothed themselves with shame and guilt. They had truly messed up, and all they could focus on now was their failings.

How could anyone love them? They couldn’t even love themselves. They despised themselves.

But hands were reaching out to them with gifts. Clothes, jewelry, a party. All in their honor.

They quickly clasped their hands and arms over their chest.

‘Protect, keep safe, don’t let them in. I won’t receive a gift I don’t deserve, a gift I haven’t worked for.’

The gift giver walked away saddened.


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