Turning the Page

To Reap in Joy you Need to Sow in Tears

November 18, 2021

The only way there is through. To reap a joy, we sow a tear, but it’s work, hard work, so we don’t travel alone. We journey with safe others.

I knew there had to be an ocean of loss behind the lifestyle mask they were wearing. For all the stories of trauma, they had managed life quite well. Everything in its place, compartments for this and that, and rooms of memories best kept locked and securely walled up. Everything was under control, supposedly.

But just like a camel carrying too many straws, this last one, small as it was, was the one that broke the camel’s back.

They were exhausted from the weight of keeping everything together. Their body was beginning to break down. It couldn’t cope with the load. It was never meant to.

They needed to cry.

It was only a couple of words, and the tap began to turn.

‘How are you?’

Apologies made quickly. Composure snatched, but the facade had cracks, and the face was awash.


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